Help Jalopnik Help Police Catch Another Killer


Hey, remember last week, and last month, when I told you about Deadspin’s cousin throwing its car-knowledge heft behind some hit-and-run cases? You know, doing awesome damn work?

Matt Hardigree just posted another case, this one apparently a homicide. Check it out here, and here:

Today, we’ve got a murder suspect who may have been spotted in this unidentified car trying to use an ATM machine. Police in Columbus, Ohio have charged an individual with murder and are trying to determine who might have been with him by identifying the car.

Look closely at the photo stills from the ATM video to see if you can pick out what the vehicle is. There’s a good shot of the A-pillar and most of the grille/headlights. A composite image is above and more detailed photos are in the gallery below.

Please put your best guesses in the comments and we’ll share them with the Columbus Police Department.

If you can help out, do so, please.

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