Headcase Desean Jackson Says The NFL Does A “Great Job” With Head Injuries, Contradicts Self

In a brief Q&A with the New York Times sports section today, the Philadelphia Eagles quits-when-he-wants-more-money wide receiver Desean Jackson said that he thinks the NFL is A-OK with protecting players from head injuries, and the ramifications of those received.

This, despite the fact that much of what the league has done falls into the lip service column. (Much hasn’t, as well).

This, despite the fact that Jackson KNOWS the league is NOT A-OK with protecting players from head injuries. To wit:

In the offseason, Jackson said that offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg gave the wideout a hard time for missing the game.

“Our offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg, said some things, trying to question my toughness,” Jackson told Sporting News. “I was like, ‘Coach, I just got a concussion. This [is] my brain. If it’s anything else, my shoulder, whatever, I’m going to play.'”

To summarize, Desean Jackson has seemingly been through a situation in which he thought he was mocked for not playing while concussed, but now says the NFL is totally everything awesomely when it comes to protecting players’ brains.

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