Happy New Year, hit-and-run drivers

Willing soap-dropper

Willing soap-dropper

Well, I guess I’m talking specifically to the dirtbag that ran me over when I say, “Oh, you must have missed the sarcasm. I actually wish you the worst year imaginable.” I thought of you today, though, when I read about how Philly cops caught the degenerate who ran somebody over on Kelly Drive, stopped to chat with the dead guy’s girlfriend and took off before The Law got there.

Within weeks, tips led the police to a Jeep Wrangler with damage to the front. The owner, 28-year-old Paul DiDonato of Roxborough, denied having anything to do with the accident.
Police were unconvinced, and over the next five months, detectives with the department’s Accident Investigation Division pieced together bits of evidence until they had enough to obtain an arrest warrant.

Oh Lord, I can’t wait to find you before the cops and turn you over to the pack of wolves I have waiting to tear you into confetti-sized and -shaped pieces.

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