Guy Fights Cars On Rittenhouse Square, Loses


A strange thing happened while, under a blue moon, photographers flocked to Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square waiting to get shots of Jay-Z, Beyonce and a party of 30 who ultimately blew off their reservations at Barclay Prime.

As in, some totally fucked-up dude decided it would be a good idea to roll out into the middle of the street and start challenging cars, apparently getting hit by four of them (and at least one driver who, according to HughE Dillon of, “got out of his car, punched him, then hit him w/car.”)

You need to check out HughE’s Twitter feed for the live, blow-for-blow account of the guy going from bravado to down for the count.

“Every time the cars moved he laid across the hood then car wld shake him off. Then run over him,” one tweet went.

Another: “The guy kept getting up, standing in front of car and getting hit. The last car done him in.”

And, another: “Guy is splayed out in front of the people eating at Parc. Being treated by emt now.”

All pics are from HughE’s Twitter feed.



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