Profits from pre-divorce assassination plots at issue. Is nothing sacred?



I know, I know, it’s been painful, this lag between Divorce Court posts. But even I can’t control what Hollywood does. Like Judge Toler (or someone from the show) told me the other day after I kinda-complained via Facebook …

Did you know that 1 season of Divorce Court is made up of 160 couples? 🙂 It’s a ton! We know the reruns can get a little annoying, but sit tight for just a few months. The next season is going to be awesome!

While Gary Coleman’s unfortunate passing and tabloid-orgasmic post-death ripples keep Divorce Court in the “news,” here’s the bright side: It looks to me like there may be a couple episodes I haven’t seen before airing next week.

Wish, wish. Hope, hope.

But luckily, there’s some intriguing divorce news out of California today. To wit …

A bill scheduled to be heard Tuesday in a state legislative committee seeks to close what its author says is a loophole in the state’s no-fault divorce code. In part, the legislation will specify that spouses who solicit the murder of their husband or wife are not entitled to collect financial rewards in divorce proceedings.

The bill was prompted by John Pomroy, a police detective in Pomona, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles. His wife collected about $70,000 from their estate after she was released from prison in 2004.

“If you commit arson on your house, you don’t get the insurance money. You go to prison and all sorts of things happen to you,” Pomroy said in an interview. “But if you try to kill someone that is your spouse, the current law allows you to collect something.”

State law says that if spouses are convicted of murdering or attempting to murder their husband or wife, they are not entitled to reap any financial benefits during divorce proceedings. But if they hire someone else to do the dirty deed for them, their victims’ assets are not protected.

The bill would amend the law to include husbands or wives who solicit the murder of their spouse.

Yo Judge Toler: Ask Pomroy what these “all sorts of things [that] happen to you” in prison are?!

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