Go (away), 76ers

Just another night at the new Spectrum

Just another night at the new Spectrum

Say you own a professional basketball team in a pretty passionate sports town. Then, say a league insider says something like this about your team:

A Western Conference scout on Philadelphia, which has lost 12 of 14:
“They are having dunk contests before games; they are running plays sloppily or not all the way through; and they aren’t listening to [coach] Eddie Jordan (below). They have quit. They know Eddie is gone [after the season], and they think they don’t have to listen to him anymore.
The thing is, they are making themselves look like a——-. These guys think that just because Eddie is gone they will be back [next year]. But nobody wants guys who give up when things go bad. Eddie’s offense was a bad fit for this roster—they have to find a way to play more up-tempo—but these guys are embarrassing themselves. And everyone around the league knows it.”

What are you going to do, Mr. Snider et al?

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