Easter Egg Hunt In Memphis Devolves Into Hammer Fight

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“Linda Pearson claims her family gets together often and gets along great. But on Sunday during the family’s Easter gathering, things took a turn for the worse.

‘All of them was drinking, I am not going to lie. They had so much alcohol and food and stuff out there,’ said Pearson.

Several of the adults hid eggs so that the kids could go on an Easter egg hunt. One of the eggs hidden had $8.00 inside.

When one child found the prize egg, an argument erupted.

‘He got mad and said that she had cheated and showed the girls where the egg was that had the money,’ said Pearson.

Pearson’s sister Annette Pearson is behind bars charged with aggravated assault. Police say Pearson struck another family member in the head with a hammer after she claims he slapped her.” [WREG]

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