Day-Drunk Driving On The Atlantic City Boardwalk Tends To Get You Noticed

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I remember one time, when I was on the crime beat in Atlantic City, that a truck driver from Tennessee got lost by the old Bally’s, ended up on the Boardwalk and drove her rig all the way down to the Inlet (by where Revel just opened up), leaving cracked slats for about a mile.

She wasn’t drunk.

She was just confused.

But this bro here, John Thompson, he was confusingly drunk. Or maybe he just really bought into the whole #meetmeinac gimmick that the rotund governor’s been prattling on about.

Anyway, check out the NBC10 story (and police audio) about the shit that Thompson done pulled …

“An alleged intoxicated driver put a scare into people on the Atlantic City Boardwalk Monday afternoon after speeding down the boardwalk sending pedestrians jumping out of the way, according to Atlantic City Police.

And, it took a tollbooth to finally put an end to the out-of-control driver, police said.

The suspect, who police later identified as John Thompson, 28, of Staten Island, N.Y., faces charges ranging from risking widespread injury to assault on a police officer to DWI.

The incident was caught on various surveillance cameras along the boardwalk.” [NBC10]

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