Divorce Court: Tymillia vs. Brian Johnson

Picture 2 Picture 3 So, Tymillia and Brian been married for two years but they done been separated for two weeks. Tymillia wants Brian to pay $1,754.08 for a cell phone bill and gas money.

Anyway, they got married because he knocked her up. Tymillia says she’s from an educated family. Brian went back to school and she was proud when he got an A and a B. But then he started missin’ classes and makin’ excuses. He full well accepts this as reality. He didn’t have the money to keep going to school but he didn’t tell her cause she always gives him ‘tude.

Tymillia’s all like, where’s his money going? I pay all the bills so something’s up.

Says Brian about where the money was going, it was going to “Me. Takin’ care of what I needed to take care of. Puttin’ gas in my car.”

Then, Brian proceeds to break down the numbers: He gets $600 a week. She gets $330 of that. That “only leaves me with $200.”


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