Divorce Court: Sydney vs. Erik Hadden

Picture 5 Picture 3 These two, the Haddens, have been married for 14 years. Erik says Sydney changed in the past couple years, though.

Anyway, Sydney gets put on time-out within the first minute of the episode.

She went to a wedding in Michigan or something without him. Came home angry. He found her phone, she’d been sexting with a male friend. Posting n00dz, too!

“That made me very, very upset,” declared Erik, who notes that she was happy he found it, because she felt lonely and that’s why she was sending strip pix.

She’s bitching about how he doesn’t take care of her. Like the time she was a model at a body-painting show — “Just me trying something new” — and then when she took her top off, she didn’t say anything and “when I kissed another guy, he didn’t say anything.”

When he says that she was looking for relationships with other guys, she retorts, “I think you’re looking for other guys, too.” DAG. This chick’s just cold. Hostile. Cunty. These two should’ve worked their shit out without going on TV. Sorry, can’t bear to watch more of this one.

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