Divorce Court: Raven Fuentes vs. Christopher Rash

Picture 5 Picture 4 16-10-37 Christopher and Raven got married nine months ago. They have a two-month-old child together now. Oh, they’re breaking up because Raven’s a lesbian.

However, Raven, the 20-year-old lesbian, calls Christopher a cheater. He was alone in a bathroom with a lady. The story was that she was popping a pimple. There were concerns that it was MRSA. And NuRSA was a stripper. So there’s that, too.

Also, Christopher talks in a diction that makes me wonder whether he’s touched. But that’s neither here nor there, I guess.

They get through Pimplegate in four minutes.

Then, there was the time Christopher was telling a woman he wanted to have oral sex with her, via Raven’s cell phone.

“There’s a reason for that,” says Raven. “Me and him, I don’t like him touching me. I’m more sexually active with girls before I got with him and I decided to, well listen, there’s something to that, I was a lesbian before I got with him, and when I got with him I became pregnant and I decided to do the right thing. Decided to do the right thing.”

She tried to change. But then they tried a threesome in an effort to see whether she’d get jealous if she saw him tapping some strange.

You know, that old saw.

Anyway, Raven’s 42-year-old mom Patti Jo testifies, too. She lays into Christopher to get a job. He can’t hold one down because “his attitude stinks” to the point that he’s gotten fired — and beaten up by bosses at — multiple jobs of late. However, he blames it on the sour economy.

Oh, did I mention Raven’s wearing a moo moo out of necessity? Well, she is, even when they get to talking about how she flirts with ladies in front of Christopher, but that it’s not her fault because “they grab me, they grab me.”

Christopher also claims verbal abuse, to which Raven says, “I’m going to be honest: Yes I am. Sometimes. But it’s not like it’s all the time.” But it is the time when she claims that the baby ain’t his.

And with that, I’ll let you ponder the type of future that Moon Beam Fuentes-Rash is facing.

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