Divorce Court: Matthew Desind vs. Bridget Desind

Picture 4 Picture 3 Ok, these two were married for six years, got divorced and are considering reconciliation. As such, this is a Divorce Court first. Judge Lynn seems energized by this.

They got together at 14. Pregnant at 17. “Which drove us to the idea of getting married,” said Matthew, who was “a boy trying to fill a man’s shoes.”

He seems rather genuine. THAT is a Divorce Court first, too.

Here’s the rub for him: Bridget’s got herself a temper. You can see it in her eyes. They’re not those “diaper astronaut” crazy eyes. Or those dark, dead shark eyes. Cute smile despite clenched jaw. But still.

She loved her freedom, too. Didn’t much miss him during the separation. He said he missed her. Getting teary-eyed. Kind of a flip-flop from previous separations.

Huh, she kept the name, though, so there’s that.

Then, they get into how she has all these male friends. And she cut her hair and lost some weight. And how he’s jealous.

“You are blossoming,” said Judge Lynn.

You know what’s going on here: His girl got a bit hotter so now he wants her back. However, the girl who got a bit hotter now knows what life is like for a-bit-hotter girls so she’s totally digging all the attention. So, she’s numbed herself to the point that she ain’t about to go back to the dude who kicked her to the curb, thus inspiring these physical improvements.

Good for her. In another Divorce Court first, and even though they decided to stay together after the L.A. trip, there’s a Def Leppard song to close this post out.

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