Divorce Court: Markisha vs. Daniel Jennings

Picture 7 Picture 6 Oh dear God, we’re dwelling into some hill-people action here, I think, on first blush.

Markisha Jennings brought her boyfriend Divorce Court. I presume he’ll come up in the conversation. If they’re able to get through a sentence without one interrupting the other.” For instance, the show starts with:

Him: “My wife is a horrible mother, and a horrible wife.”

Her: “How?”

Him: “She decides to, uh, feed her kids whenever she wants to…”

Her: “No-uh.”

Him: “…when they’re hungry, she doesn’t ask them.”

Judge Lynn interjects, which shuts gap-toofed angerfrumpcore up momentarily.

Daniel continues that she’ll tell her children to “shut the fuck up.” She admits she knows that wrong, but with a scowl and an excuse.

It’s at about that point that the boyfriend comes to Markisha’s rescue saying that Daniel calls her all sorts of foul names. Judge Lynn jumps all over this schlep, too.

God, Markisha Jennings is just not, in any way, a likeable person. She’s so unlikeable, in fact, that there’s no sympathy when she whines about having to let him tagalong if she goes to the pool hall. At least I think that’s what she said. She’s unbearable to listen to. Even her snark falls into that cunty dialect of those that don’t realize they’re behind the mental curve.

There is a litany of bad-mom offenses that Daniel rattles off, like how refusing to let Daniel see the kids if she doesn’t give her money. But that’s neither here nor there. Daniel isn’t exactly a prize catch, but he sure as hell looks like Don motherfucking Juan when compared to the woman he married. He should count his friggin’ blessings that that thing started banging some strange cock on the side — A DUDE WHO SENT NUDES OF MARKISHA TO MARKISHA’S HUSBAND — thus hastening the dissolution of vows.

I weep for our nation’s collective future.

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