Divorce Court: Linda vs. William Graf

Picture 8 This dude William Graf so looks like William H. Macy in Shameless. And THAT, good people, is a beautiful way to start an episode of Divorce Court, is it not?


Because it’s also a deceptive way. What these two retirees without kids are beefing about is laziness and actually having to be around one another 24/7, as Linda says. And about how she’s a nag about his hygiene and about the time he crashed into their garage.

He cracks the audience up when he says “I don’t know if anybody can be perfectly sober.”

Then the unlikeable hair stylist Linda Graf starts bitching about something or other. To which Judge Lynn says, “You’re picking on the man and I like him.”

I concur.

So, rather than bitch about the quality of the episode, I’ll just say Emmy Rossum would’ve made it better and move on. Which doesn’t mean much because — let’s face it — Emmy Rossum’d make just about anything better.

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