Divorce Court: Jimmy Anderson vs. Jessica Ronca

Picture 2 Picture 3 Well this is rich: Jessica Ronca apparently cheated on her husband the day/night of their drunken-Vegas wedding reception.

“I never loved him,” she said, of a marriage which lasted from 11/12/09-11/13/09.

No shit, crucifix-sporting stripper/Frogger stage-act understudy.

No, strike that negative intimation. Seems as if Jimmy’s a bit of a creeper, what with his “staying her friend” to wait for her to fall out with another guy to have his love for her rewarded.

They got hammered. Her request for a car in order to get married was apparently met. So, they hopped in the car and went to the drive-thru wedding chapel. Here’s what they looked like:

Picture 1

Post-wedding, they went to the strip club. Of course they did.

“She got on the pole and started dancing and she made all the girls look dumb, she was really good,” Jimmy recalls. “I was kind of proud of her. She was dancing to me. It wasn’t like she was dancing for other people.”

After dancing wasted, bouncers intervened because she didn’t want to go home to consummate. She came home the next day, “her hair all matted.” He threw her out of the house shortly thereafter. Even though she wasn’t “living with him at the time.”

“He’s known I never loved him,” Jessica said.

“Sex was good,” Jimmy explained.

“Good sex does not equal love,” interjected Judge Lynn.

“But it sure is nice,” retorted Jimmy. “She was leading me to believe she was having a good time on me, all that screamin’ and whatever you know?”

Anyway, there was some sort of a break-in where Jimmy lost $30K worth of stuff. Jessica denied any involvement.

Weird, weird episode. It makes me question the moral code of day-shift strippers everywhere.

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