Divorce Court: Jennifer vs. Zachary Walden

Picture 2 Picture 3 If you’re 20 and 22 years old and you end up on Divorce Court, despite having two kids, like Zac and Jennifer Walden here, it might be about time for some soul searching. Some deep, deep soul searching.

Zachary, a man of two decades, doesn’t feel appreciated. He’s a man of music. As in, he goes to his Uncle Jimmy’s all the time and plays in the garage. This hasn’t proven lucrative as of yet. He has another job, though. He’s proud that he has yet to lose a job in his storied career.

Anyway, Jennifer notes that they got into a fight on the day of birthing. So, he left. He points out that some other guy was sending her $400 a month. That this is something to be concerned about, despite there being no romance involved in that relationship. This, despite how he was out banging someone when “we got separated.” And then some other times, too.

She seems like an angry soul, weathered at 22.

“I’m a piece of furniture. That’s all I am. I’m there to raise his kids. He doesn’t kiss me. Doesn’t tell me he loves me. We barely sleep in the same room together,” says she.

Says he: I know I’m supposed to take care of the kids. That’s my responsibility. “But, if she’s raising the kids, why aren’t you doing it all?”

A shame, too, because despite having two kids and one year on the legal drinking limit, she’s pretty damn cute. However, I can forsee something like those meth-aging ads going on here. Not that she’s on meth. Can’t imagine she is. But, the labors of life will drag her down and wipe the smile from her face in perpetuity. People looking 50 when they’re 30. Especially since she doesn’t want a divorce

Kids’ gotta learn a lot about life. But fuck, when all y’all were 20 and 22, so did you. You just had the dignity not to take it on America’s television sets.

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