Divorce Court: Atera Niko vs. Christopher Boston

Picture 5 Picture 6 These two have been together for three years, engaged for two and have one son together. Yet here they are, seeing whether Judge Lynn thinks they should get married.

Apparently, Christopher don’t want Atera bringing dude’s she was friends with around no more. And she gets a kick out of making him jealous. Hard to blame him. Ex-stripper’s fine …

Picture 7

… even if the man “never tells me I’m pretty,” who froze her out tha sex for a year or thereabouts. Thing is, dude’s spot-fucking-on. This Niko seems like she’s just gonna do what she’s gonna do regardless of how it makes Mr. Boston feel. I mean, bootie-call texts?! You can take the girl out of the strip joint, but vice versa, not so much.

Thing is, these two like a lot about one another when Judge Lynn gives them the mic for 45 seconds. She likes how “he never stinks” and gives good foot massages. He likes how she takes care of him, and dinner’s always ready on time.

Here’s the rub: He and his friends want to go to strip clubs. She don’t want him to, despite the fact that he says, “we all just meet there and chill. … And it’s cheap. And none of the girls there look good.”

The tears start flowing when Judge Lynn breaks the compatibility test results out and Atera hears that he responded “some freedom” when he was asked what he wants from her in the future. Semantics, yo. He’s all like they should just be able to go out with their friends erry once in a while. The teary performance, though, that makes me sense some acting goin’ on.

Anyway, Judge Lynn said no to the Niko/Boston union. Woe.

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  1. Atera Niko
    May 11, 2012 at 20:34

    Hehehe I googled my name and this came up. Thanks for the compliment, and yes, they make you do a lot of acting on the show.

  2. May 11, 2012 at 20:37

    Quite welcome, Atera.

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