Divorce Court: Amanda Ransford vs. Mark Thompson

Picture 6 Picture 3 So, Mark Thompson complains that his ladyfriend Amanda Ransford says “I hate you … I wish you would die.” This is the same Mark Thompson who doesn’t have a job, preferring to want to bang Amanda 24/7. While that latter nugget is understandable, you shouldn’t be texting other pieces of ass when your ladyfriend is recovering from labor. In the hospital. He claims he doesn’t remember doing so, despite the texts being there.

Fucking moron.

Anyway, Amanda is of an ilk of Divorce Court contestant worthy of cruising over to Facebook to find a more flattering shot. There, she’s self-described as a “single mommy of 3 precious, beautiful children. Just taking one day at a time!”

Wow. Doesn’t look a day over two kids. And certainly doesn’t look like a three-kids-with-three-separate-daddies floozy. Appearances, deceiving.

She’s just precious, for lack of attractive’s countless other synonyms, even when she talks about how she’s gone on dating sites “for attention, because he doesn’t make me feel loved, because he doesn’t make me feel pretty, he used to. … He sleeps on the couch every night. We don’t get along.”

Re: the jealousy …

“Yeah, she’s beautiful. Look at her: She’s gorgeous.”

“And that’s not my fault.”

“That’s not her fault, but whenever she lies to me, whenever she tells me she’s going over to her sister’s house to watch her sister’s kids and then I find out she wasn’t over at her sister’s house watching her kids because her sister was home.”

Then she starts talking over him. She was either out looking for jobs. Or floss. And he heard two dudes in the background talking about smoking. Or choking. Both, big differences.

Also, she cops to not giving him “pleasure” as much as he’d deserve. Which he wholeheartedly agrees with. Yet round, round, get around, she gets around? This makes no sense in an overall sense.

These two, they’re more genuine in seeking counseling than most contestants, but they’re totally gonna walk out of Judge Lynn’s court hand-in-hand, even if her honor shredded the certificate. The dating-site trolls lose out in that respect. Particularly those with a modicum more class than a bro who’ll try to bang his girl while she’s puking. He denies she was puking, that she was just on the bathroom floor after having puked. She disagrees with that assessment. Head in the toilet, yo. Seriously. What’s that all about?

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