Dear Donte Stallworth



Hey man, hope you’re well. Got a fun fact for you: I was just out in Vegas and contrary to the abhor I have for your new syphilis-pit of a hometown, I binged on the Baltimore Ravens being 15-1 to win the Super Bowl. A lot of that had to do with Pride of the Colonial Conference Joe Flacco getting Anquan Boldin to throw to. But, a little of it had to do with you being there as well. I kind of like how you manned up to killing a pedestrian in Miami rather than hitting-and-running like so many cretins do.
I tell you this not so I make $150 off of you this year. Nope. It’s to encourage you to take it on yourself to be an anti-hit-and-run/pro-accepting-responsibility mascot of sorts. Yours is a powerful position. Use it to make the world you reduced by one person a better place. And, having read Peter King‘s piece on you today, I think you recognize that already

“I have taken responsibility for the accident since it happened, and I will live with it for the rest of my life,” he said. “I think about it every day. I think about his 14-year-old daughter [now, actually 15-year-old daughter Daniela] all the time. It’s something I’ll never escape.”

Powerful stuff. Hope it’s true.

Brian Hickey, Hit-and-Run Survivor

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