Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 7


As opposed to a full-episode recap — the common Philly Blunt approach to Dating Naked coverage — this week’s post is centered on one contestant: That being Alexa Brunetti, of Brigantine, NJ, who I’ve twice written about on PhillyVoice.

The previous post can be found here. The Episode 7-related post can be found here.

Yes, she was worried about becoming a “ditzy drunk Jersey girl,” Snookie circa 2016, particularly because — looking back — the experience was such a blur, not because of the alcohol but due to the frenzied pace of her two-day experience in Bora Bora.

“You never know how you’ll act until it actually happens to you. I went into it being my genuine true self. I was going to be the confident girl, but then I got so quiet that I said, ‘Lex, this is not you,’” she said. “There were times [when] I froze, tensed up and didn’t know what I wanted to say. Oh my God! It was so awkward, and I’m not an awkward person.

“I did cry on the way back. Subconsciously, I think it was because I lost and don’t like losing and that I’m a fair-game player. … For me to be sent home like that, they [producers] had to know I wasn’t going to stay from the start.”

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