Danette Moore vs. Randy Moore

Snapshot 2010-12-23 10-28-54 Snapshot 2010-12-23 10-26-58 I can tell right off the bat that Randy Moore’s a stone-cold pimp, this even though his woman says he got champagne taste and “Kool-Aid money” and she say he show up at the club in pajamas one time. Clearly, the pimp-hand ain’t as strong as it once was. Seventeen years of marriage’ll do that.

There also came a time when they got pepper sprayed together. I think it was the same night as the pajamas but ain’t about to rewind to find out. I’ll just aver that Pimpin Randy Moore got Maced in his jammies.

Which is right about the time the whole Randy Moore facade start crumblin.

I’ll tell you what, though: The longer this case go on, the more it seems like Danette Moore’s wearing the pimp pants in this family. I mean, he chased her down all paranoid because she arranged a bachelorette party for one of her friends or something. He counters that she treat him like a kid, don’t let him spend any money neither. Fuck, she want the money back from when he billed dental work to her insurance!!

That’s some stone-cold treating a ho like a ho.

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