Couple Who Passed The Maury Show Lie-Detector Test Sent Me A Picture Of Them With Stone Cold Steve Austin Because ‘Merica

"Shelley and i hanging out with Stone Cold Steve Austin"

“Shelley and i hanging out with Stone Cold Steve Austin”

Imagine my delight this morning when I woke up to a YouTube comment and Facebook other-box message from Joe “The Big Kahuna” Preston, he of the Dec. 2011 “This might be my new favorite Maury clip” post. Refresher:

Awesome, right?

Anyway, after a brief exchange of emails, here’s what Joe, whose Facebook profile lists him as living in Vegas, wanted to share with the world today:

Brian with the contracts i signed, this is what i can tell you, I’ve been on Sally Jessy Raphael 2X, Ricki lake 3X Jerry Springer 4X Divorce Court 1X and the Maury Show 7X. It all started in 1992 and ended in Feb of 2009. With that being said, i am sure you understand where i am going with this!!

Wink, nudge, we smell what you’re cookin’, Joe. Sensing contractual restrictions hovering over the reality star, I responded as such:

“Understanding the contractual restrictions, what are you allowed to say publicly? What’s your best memory from the TV experiences, etc.?”

Alas, he has yet to respond. I will update the post if he does.

And that’s all for another installment of People Who Went On Maury Check In To Let Us Know How Things Are Going.

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