Consuelo Dykes vs. Walter Anderson

Picture 1 Picture 3 Oh shit, Consuelo Dykes done found all Walter Anderson’s porn DVDs and scoured the cable bill and found some adult-entertainment charges and whatnot.

“I despise porn,” she says.

He clearly don’t.

Anyway, Walter, he says Consuelo got the car repoed n’shit. She’s a jealous nag. Goes off on waitresses with whom Walter speaks. Goes off when he looks at ladies in other cars, particularly when the car is on the passenger side of the car. She drops some response story about how Walter didn’t react all that good to her talking to an ex. Apples and grapes, yo.

Walter’s wearing some sort of smoove pink silk shirt-and-pant combo, too. Like, really, really smoove for a 26-year-old salesman with four kids. She rail thin, really good. But in passing, she said she used to be 200 pounds or something like that. Don’t make much sense.

Consuelo, she goes and buys a new outfit for a funeral she be seeing her ex at? She struck up a conversation which led to the ex calling and hanging up whenever Walter would answer, too. Ice cold.

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