Chrisley Knows Best: Big Apple Blowup

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This week’s episode starts with outright deception.

As in, Julie Chrisley and youngest tot Grayson are at a candy store when Todd calls, as he is wont to do regularly. The candy will not be admitted to; they are just out in the town square. This is the depth of controversy on this show.

Gets heavy, quick, though because it then cuts to Julie frying bacon and talking about her breast cancer. Todd diverts this conversation by reminding his bride of the sex-four-times-a-day doctors orders as well. But then it comes full circle with tears for his fears regarding a cancer return.

Anyway, Todd, Savannah and Chase are heading to NYC today. They will be procuring fashions for their Chrisley and Co. family store; Todd wants to become the “Bergdorf’s of the South.” Chase is just content to watch hot chicks walk along runways and whatnot. Whatnot includes taunting his dad’s paranoia about hotel-room cleanliness because he’s “a douche.”

There’s a makers vs. takers vibe when Todd describes why he wants the kids to learn the business from the ground up. (“Looking at clothes all day, nothing can be better,” Savannah says.)

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As could be expected, the young lady takes to the fashion lessons as intended while young man takes to the fashion lessons as a teen boy faced with models should. He is NOT paying attention to the clothes, but to the ladies therein. He is NOT helping to build the Chrisley brand. And Daddy-O ain’t liking it.

Oh, while they’re gone, Julie takes an “I AM SEXY!” pole-dancing class. Twerking is involved.

Back up north, Chase takes the talking-to threat-of-firing lessons to heart. WHAT A GOOD BOY!!!

Back down south, Julie has herself a Ladies Night Out (flaming shots are involved; twerking is, presumably, not.)

Back up north, Chase totally went out on the town without Todd’s permission. Daddy’s angry “I’m not playing with you” lecture ensues. It is met by a “you need to stop smothering me” and stomping out with a bag but no cash/credit card move. Kinda like how when younguns “runaway” from home but only hide around the corner, hoping to have put a scare into mommy and daddy.

A father/son discussion on the street follows. Son: I’m almost 18. Dad: I don’t want to lose my son. You know I love you. Let’s compromise. Son: Wipes tear away. Father/Son: Hug. YAY!

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Episode closes with them all back in the Atlanta burbs. Julie already done cooked a whole healthy meal. Todd asks Grayson, “Wouldn’t you rather have a biscuit with butter?”

This is unfair.

Everybody would rather have a biscuit with butter in EVERY life scenario.

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