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That Time Bryce Harper Threw A Ball To Louden

Sure, I missed the first post*-pandemic Killers concert to go watch the Phillies play arguably the worst team in baseball last night.

I’d like to thank Bryce Harper for making that the best decision imaginable (they’ll be back in town, the bride was working anyway, yadda x3) by throwing a ball in between innings to Louden.

Now, I just have to find a way to get him to sign it!


Same Field, Same Results

Last weekend, the lad played a soccer match at Edgely Field in Fairmount. It was cool because that’s where he played sometimes when we could still use one hand to show how many years old he was. He scored in…

Oh Look, We Were On TV Last Night

It was pretty awesome to watch the Union play a live match, in person, last night. It’d been a while. Which is why all the local news stations were there to do their “first live pro-sports event in the Philly…