BuzzFeed Names Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloonery The Best Irish Bar In Pennsylvania, Is Right

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I’m not in the habit of linking out to listicles on this here site, but the one that BuzzFeed compiled of the “Best Irish Bar in Every State” is an outlier.

Why’s that, you ask? Because the Saloonery is in my neighbhorhood (East Falls, Philly). And it’s the sponsor of the U6 soccer team I coach in the fall. And it’s where I host Quizzo on the referenced “Turf Burger Tuesday” night. Sure, they didn’t reference Quizzo Night in the post — a grudge from my Deadspin/Gawker days, mayhaps? (naaaah) — but whatever.

Their opinion is the right opinion, just and true in its logic.

You should go there sometime. It is the best. (Runner-up nationally? Irish Pub in Atlantic City.)

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