Bridezillas: Kera & Kim





One would think having lived on earth for 23 years with elven ears, Kera would be a little more grounded. She has a lot working against her. Yet, here she is telling her mother that she looks like a cheap whore and whatnot. So vapid.

But seriously, she can’t grow hair bushy enough to cover up them Dumbo appendages. She’s like a Madame Tussaud’s wax exhibit for the type of freakshow that actually thinks Vegas is a perfect place for a lying, manipulative, demanding, greedy, arm-tattooed Lady to get married.

When she mocks her more-attractive unemployed friend Bre for mentioning that she’s being forced to spend a lot of money that’s difficult to part with, it becomes evident that nothing’s too mean to say about her Royal Vapidity. For instance, she also has a freakish large, Thalidomidic forehead with a hairline that’s receded halfway to her ass.

What Kera must look like with her hair in a ponytail is nothing short of a circus recruiter’s jackulatory fantasy.

“My daughter was being a lazy ass as we were all working. Bre just got tired of it, and it’s about damn time,” said Kera’s mom.

At which point Kera chased her friend down and complained that she was crying when she found her. Then, she screeched, “Turn that fucking camera off right fucking now. Get your ass upstairs and get that camera out of my face” so she could apologize to her “friend” without being shown as week. But, she’s so fucking stupid she didn’t realize they were both still mic’d.

The fuck is wrong with her?

In related news, fuck Kim and Walter. Renewing your vows on Bridezillas STILL qualifies you as the taint of humanity. As such, all Kim and Walter moments are fast-forwarded through. You aren’t worthy of a moment’s thought. Neither of you. Slovenly pigcunt. Pussyboy. Shame on you both for stealing air from the sky.

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