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What's the odds on the Phils getting back to the series?

What's the odds on the Phils getting back to the series?

Here’s a link to my column in today’s Inquirer about my take on pre-parenthood in a social-media era

In the era of To Catch a Predator, safety is one obvious (and overplayed) issue. But so is simple privacy.

Both concerns are heavily debated on parenting Web sites as far as the cyber-eye can see. There’s a pitched battle over the issue of posting baby pictures online, pitting the “Pedophiles have software to find your children” crowd versus the “It’s today’s world, deal with it” school of thought.

When people keep telling me I should start a “daddy blog,” those are some of the reasons why I won’t. A running head start of prenatal online friends and followers might sound tempting to me, but not if it’s at the expense of my son’s right to get his legs underneath him with no crowd watching.

Already-parents can now discuss in the comments section, if that’s what they so desire. (The edited version had to slash the graf whereby I claimed no expertise in the area since I have zero, zip, nada idea about the realities of parenting.)

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