‘Blunt Man’ Posted A West Philly ‘THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS AFTER HIT AND RUN’ Fight Video (And Nope, Wasn’t Me)

Yeah, yeah, I know. Philly Blunt. Hit-and-run victim. You’d think I could’ve gone off-the-grid, started an anonymous YouTube account and went cruising Race Street for anybody I see beefing over a hit-and-run. As you’ll see from this video, however, when Blunt Man turns the camera on himself, he and I clearly do not resemble one other.

That said, I celebrate his having captured this dust-up over a hit-and-run of indiscriminate car-on-car nature (the truck down the block done smacked into the coupe n’shit?), and how one driver is staunchly committed to making sure the other dude doesn’t take off at 50th and Race streets.

Most notable about Blunt Man is his patience to keep his camera a’rollin’ for the 2:40 necessary to catch some actual scrappin’. That is to be commended.


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