“Black Panther” Holds Offensive Court On Route 10 Trolley, Fights Old-Head Friend On Corner

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I’ve been on that trolley before, so what this fight/craziness has got me thinking is this: There’s some reverse Mr. White stuff going on out there. As in, remember that old Eddie Murphy skit where he gets on public transportation in whiteface, only to see there are cocktail servers, etc. when the last black person gets off?

Yeah, I’m starting to think there’s brawls like this all over the place, but I’m of a hue that I just can’t see them. Woe is me. This one’d been fun to watch from the back of the bus with the dudes who see the same amount of humor that I — and probably you — do.

In a non-related fight, here’s a pair of mammy’s on Waterloo Street goin’ at it in the street. Kensos, yo:

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