Babs vs. Jeff

Snapshot 2011-01-28 08-16-02 Snapshot 2011-01-28 08-16-33 Jeff says he wants to leave Babs because she’s violent. “This is probably the coldest, meanest woman you’ll ever meet,” he said, advising Judge Lynn to keep the bailiff nearby. “She’s a violent drunk.”

I’ll tell you what, though: Chick looks psycho before she even says a word. Nice body but for the nose, though.

She starts babbling about his musician friends staying at their house out in the boondocks. And every time this hippie dude starts talking, she has a cutting but-not-effective whiney response. He says she’s tried to choke him because he didn’t play a set list in particular order one time.

Babs responds that Jeff’s so controlling that he demanded to name their children. And, that he makes her live at a “compound.” She says it was 20 miles from anywhere. He says they actually had a neighbor. Jeff then says he works for the government. The on-screen graphic says cartographer. His stories say cartographer whose wife yanks him out of vans and scratches him all up.

Now, Babs’s saying that Jeff’s a “brilliant” manipulator and a liar and a conspiracy-theory “government is after us, manipulating the weather” wacko. He admits this, and he’s purchased a cave somewhere with rock-climbing equipment for the entire family. Kiddie harnesses and all.

This episode reminds me of what fourth-grade guidance counselors must deal with on a daily basis.

So yeah, these two oughta have cameras on them 24/7. Call it Paranoid Theorist vs. Crazy Chick Who Prattles On and On and On Alternating Between Aggression and Psychopathic Belittling. Two loons enter, one loon leaves.

***NOTE: Both Babs and Jeff have emailed to point out that this entire episode was made up. So, let that be known.***

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