Andy Reid Should Be Fired Today

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Not tomorrow. Not 4.5 years ago. Today. Because here’s what’s going to happen with a team that should be 1-4 despite dreams of winning a Super Bowl for the first time in Philadelphia history:

Despite the heinous mindset that saw Reid hire patsy Juan Castillo instead of someone from the Jim Johnson School of Established Defensive Coordinators, the Eagles will end up sneaking into the playoffs. 10-6. Not unthinkable if they win out in the division and drop games to Chicago and New England.

And when that happens, all the weaknesses will be swept away under the guise of “Andy always fights back when he’s on the edge.” Maybe he does. But he shouldn’t be able to hide behind his “I need to do a better job coaching” mantra week-in and week-out to get to that edge in the first place.

Yes, he’s had a good run. I’d even argue it’s a nearly great run. But, fire him, Mr. Lurie. Bump him upstairs if you have to. Just get him off the damn sidelines.

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