And You Wonder Why People Think Old City Is Populated By Total Douchebags* [Updated]

Oh hey, that’s the block I used to work on! Second Street, in Old City Philadelphia. Where assholes go to “club.” And other assholes end up brawling in the streets, thus drawing the interest of the policia and every news station in town. Because, let’s face it, people love watching street fights, myself included. Special note: Possible gunshots at 0:41. Specialer note: Taser! Specialest note: Lady taking out her aggressions on a taillight a few seconds before the possible GS.

(Video from EnrageTheFallen)

*Nobody really wonders that. It’s an accepted fact of Philadelphia life.

UPDATE: That was, in fact, a gunshot fired. And, gun enthusiast Christopher McCrae, 29, of the 1300 block of S. Merrimac St. in Camden (specifically, Fairview), was arrested for allegedly firing it. Methinks he’s the dude in the red sweatshirt as the police report states that police saw him tussling with an “Asian male.”

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