And Now, For The Most Disturbing Toddlers & Tiaras Pictures Of All

Picture 5

Far be it from me to judge who another ‘Merican raises their kid and whatnot. But since pageant moms don’t qualify as real ‘Mericans, I’m’a judge the fuck out of Lisa, who dolls her 4-year-old daughter Destiny up as Sandy from “Grease.”

Fun fact: Destiny, who gets a little “hateful” when tired, says the character is “part of my mom’s favorite cartoon.” It must be hard to differentiate between reality and cartoon in such a warped adolescence.

But I digress. Because Destiny is shown play smoking a replica cigarette. And that’s just not good for anybody except the tobacco industry.

“Sandy comes out ant throws down a cigarette, so Destiny is gonna do that,” explains mom of the year. “We feel like, you know, that’s a part of acting. I believe she will do just fine with it. … Sandy was a good girl. She didn’t smoke. She used it for image.”

Thing is, that thing looks like a real cigarette so much to the point that I believe the Toddlers and Tiaras audience was just lied to.

Also, Sandy wasn’t a real person.

Also, fictional Sandy wasn’t an impressionable 4-year-old girl grappling with having her mother’s inadequacies foisted upon her.

Also, the judges marked off for the smoke because it was “inappropriate” and “in poor taste.” Gee, you fucking think?

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