About that Montgomery County house for sale with the sex dungeon…

Last Friday was a prime example of why I love my chosen profession (or the profession that chose me). Woke up with a relatively empty to-do list so I started sniffing around for content. That’s when I saw a Tweet about the Maple Glen home with the “50 Shades” inspired sales pitch.

Within minutes, I was tracking down the Realtor behind the listing, and within an hour or so, I was pulling up Norristown Road to the property as people who’d just taken a tour were leaving.

It had already gone viral by the time I got done writing my story and editing my video, but the fact that those stories were written by those who hadn’t actually been there to see the kinky subterranean level made it so the video tour I posted would grab quite a few eyes.

I don’t tell y’all that to humblebrag. I tell y’all that to make sure you knew I had a couple radio appearances as a result and — should you care to hear more about Sex Dungeon House in my voice, you can do so via the links below:

94.1 WIP-FM with Vince Quinn

97.5 The Phanatic with Jamie Lynch



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