A Multicultural Watershed?

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones

If nothing has taught me not to read press releases before I’m even out of bed in the morning, this should have. Because when I saw the release stating …


WHO: Mayor Michael A. Nutter
Councilman Jim Kenney
Liz Robinson, Energy Coordinating Agency
Dow Building & Construction
Representatives from the Department of Energy

WHAT: Mayor Nutter will launch the ‘Coolest Block in Philly’ contest for row home neighborhoods. The winning block will receive a free energy saving cool roof from Dow Building & Construction along with other energy saving products and services. Cool roofs not only increase energy savings, they extend the life of the roof and help preserve the structural integrity of the home.

… I misread it as ‘Coolest BLACK in Philly’ Contest and proceeded to spend 15 minutes mulling just who I considered worthy of that title. For what it’s worth, I initially gave Coolest Philly Black to Black Thought of the Roots. Then, I thought Joe Frazier. And T. Milton Street Sr. (who got disqualified since he’s imprisoned in Kentucky). And Ukee Washington. Before I finally settled on old friend Solomon Jones, hustling-author extraordinaire, loving husband, doting father and all-around decent human being.
So congrats, Solomon! (And, get working on new contest, Nutter.)

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